Determined to Restore Integrity, Transparency and Accessibility to City Hall.

Local Business Owner for 32 Years

28 Years as a First Responder

Served as an Elected Official



With over 30 years of experience in public service as a first responder, union president experience that ties directly to the fire pension fund issue still facing our city and 34 years of dynamic business ownership, Jimmy holds an obvious advantage over his opponents. No other candidate running is more qualified or more committed to standing up against corruption to do what is right for our city. 


  • Reject the backroom sale of the JEA.
  • End the backroom "pay for play" land deals.
  • Put an end to government "cherry picking" the winners and losers in local businesses.
  • Correct the fundamental flaw in Jacksonville's government - the trading of basic core city functions for political favor.
  • Normalize the relationship between the local sports franchises and protect the taxpayers' investment.

A Message from Jimmy

I would like to thank all of you. Especially those of you that are working so hard behind the scenes. Some in the media were very surprised to see us on qualifying day. They have no idea how large the momentum in our quiet grass roots campaign actually is. I am honored to be able to stand up and represent you and your values heading into this battle. I truly feel that I was called to this task after personally experiencing the power of our city hall gone off the rails. We have made it into the ring and now we have some really hard work to do. Although this race isn't about money, we do need a little bit. We don't need millions of dollars like our opponents but we do need donations to support the expected things like signs, events, some staff and coordinators and advertising. We need volunteers for a whole list of activities and We need open doors and invitations to speak and connect with your friends, neighbors, associations and networks. 

With your help and your commitment to stand up and speak to your friends, neighbors and networks we will win this race together to Restore Integrity, Transparency and Accessibility to our city governance. 

Most Gratefully,

Jimmy Hill

Support Bringing Transparency Back To City Hall

Give a little and make a big impact for our city. The campaign needs signs, ads and staff that can dedicate their time to helping put a strong team with Integrity and honorable values into the mayors office. Your donations big and small will be put to good use. 


Order Signs

Signs are a big part of any election. If you would like a yard sign please let us know. If you would like to donate to sponsor a pack of signs we sure would appreciate the direct support. We are practical people just like you and a direct yard sign sponsorship is as straight forward as it gets. Signs are $5 each.

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Volunteer and Make A Difference!

Get involved, give a little time and connect with other like minded folks who love their city and are willing to stand up to keep it on track.


Support The Mission By Hosting an Event.

 You can host a small event or a large event and encourage your friends and associates to help support the campaign to clean up City Hall. Have some fun and do some good.  

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Want To Meet Jimmy?

Meet & Greets are a very important part of our grass roots campaign. An invitation, an open door, a few folks and maybe a little flexibility is all you need to have Jimmy come for a visit to hear your ideas, concerns and suggestions for Jacksonville's future. From a few good neighbors in an association to a large group who just wants to ask tough questions, Jimmy welcomes any and all opportunities to talk about how he plans to restore Integrity, Transparency and Accessibility to City governance.  

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